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Rhéa Spa - 3 seats
Rhéa Spa
Classic Line - 3 seats
200x135x80 cm - 23 jets
Cronos Spa - 5 seats
Spa Cronos
Classic Line - 5 seats
208x208x90 cm - 34 jets
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Low consumption
Low consumption
Economical spas
Color therapy
Low prices
Low prices
For small budgets!

How to choose the right spa?

When it comes to selecting the perfect spa for relaxation and massage, we have organized our offerings into three categories of balneotherapy, with our entry-level option being the Classic line. Within this line, you can choose between two distinct spas: the Rhea spa and the Cronos spa.

Spa Classic line: 3 or 5 places

Our jacuzzi spas are categorized into three main ranges, each catering to different budget levels. If you're looking for an indoor or outdoor jacuzzi spa with a smaller budget, you're in the right place. We offer two types of spas based on your preferences: a 3-seater and a 5-seater spa, depending on your available space, budget, and desired capacity.

Spa Rhéa 3 places

Let's start with the Rhea Spa, which is our smallest and most cost-effective jacuzzi. With dimensions of 200 x 135 x 80 cm, it can be used indoors or installed as a built-in outdoor spa. It includes one lounge bed for complete relaxation and two additional seats, accommodating up to three people.

The Rhea spa is equipped with 23 hydrotherapy jets, an Ozone Plasma disinfection system, a cartridge filtration system, a chromotherapy spot, nine waterline LEDs (complemented by a river-like feature, a headrest, and a backlit skimmer), all controlled by a user-friendly TP400 Balboa dashboard.

Spa Cronos 5 places

The Spa Cronos has 5 places measuring 208 x 208 x 90. It offers 34 hydrotherapy massage jets and includes 2 lounge beds and 3 seats. It is the choice of families or people who like to receive their loved ones to enjoy an excellent moment of rest and relaxation, as soothing as it is friendly. The Cronos spa is controlled by the same dashboard as the Rhea spa, TP400, in order to easily adjust your spa.

Why choose a Poseidon Spa?

To buy a wellness Spa and enjoy a whirlpool bath with hydromassage nozzles at the best value for money, you can trust Poseidon Spa. We have been helping our customers choose the perfect Jacuzzi Spa for years now. If you want to avoid the inflatable Spa, find out without delay about our various jacuzzis with high quality therapeutic courses (chromotherapy, aromatherapy, balneotherapy, etc.). Consult our documentation, ask us for a quote or come and meet us in our showrooms throughout France.

Our spa sales experts are at your disposal to help you find the inexpensive whirlpool bath (jacuzzi and spa) you need to set up the wellness area you have been dreaming of for years.

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